17.07.2017 | Vojtěch Balon

Czech, Italian, French and Swedish U18´s in TOP 4. Good Tournament, Agreed the Coaches

B o s k o v i c e - After Team France won the previous two championships in the U18´s category, the host Czechs halted their dominance by winning the tournament. Italy came second, France third and Sweden fourth. Coaches/GM´s of the top teams gave interviews following the medals games.


Team Sweden grabbed the fourth place after a loss against France in the bronze medal game. "The French are a good team. Playing games at this level, you can´t do any mistakes and even though 7:0 looks like an easy win, we had a lot of chances to score goals but couldn´t get them in today," evaluated Jon Redinger, who served as the head of both Swedish teams in the tournament. "We have to go home, scratch our heads, and try to figure out how to do it better," he added.

Team France was considered one of the main contenders for gold in the U18´s category but had to settle with bronze after winning the past two championships. "I am happy about the win against Sweden but I have some regrets. The first game against Italy was very difficult (France lost 2:1) and after that, the boys kept improving and 7:0 is a good performance, good game, but I have some regrets," admitted the French coach Eric Perraudin, who was happy with the organisation of the whole tournament. "Boskovice is a nice city, the beer is cheap and the girls are pretty," he said on a lighter note.

The Italians managed to get to the final against the Czech Republic but lost 4:1 despite an early lead. "We tried our best and I think that it´s a good result. We knew we had to play a lot of defence, we were a little bit unlucky as well, but I think that Czech Republic deserved this gold," said Gianluca Tomasello, the general manager of Team Italy. "All the teams try to reach the final every year and we managed to do that three years in a row. Unluckily, we never won gold and we would like to win once in a while, but I think that we achieve our goals to get the chance to play the final for sure."

Jiri Suhrada, the head coach of Czech Republic, was obviously happy with the win. "This group of guys was amazing. They had the strength and discipline to win. It was more complicated for us in the finals because we were losing, but as I said, the power of our team was decisive. We were a bit better than other teams when it comes to stamina and inline hockey skill," admitted Suhrada after a perfect tournament for his squad.


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