17.07.2017 | Vojtěch Balon

Coaches Speak After the Medals Round in the Women´s Category

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Team Italy finished fourth in the women´s category after losing 5:0 against Finland in the bronze medal game. "It was a very hard game for us. Finland skated well and had good players with very good stick skills. We let in three goals in the first period and the team went down. It´s very difficult to react after two goals in three minutes," admitted Martina Gavazzi, the Italian coach. Italy managed to score two goals against Suomi in the group stage clash, but went scoreless this time. "I think that it was more difficult for us to score in this game than in the last one because they knew our team and closed the box," she said.

"It´s our first medal, so it´s obviously a good feeling. We played very well and believed our system. We wanted a medal and we got bronze, so it´s good for us," said the Finnish coach Sami Inkiläinen, who had mixed feelings about the whole tournament. "Some things were good and some were not. We had some problems with translating and getting some players from the airport," he evaluated.

The coaching staff of Team France decided to not give an interview after a loss in the finals, while Czech coach Mikael Pancak was obviously delighted. "The girls worked hard in training camp and it showed during the tournament. We had a great group, enjoyed the tournament and our performance was the result of the good atmosphere in our locker room," he said. Czechia won the tournament after finishing fourth last year. "We had a completely different team, we missed key players such as Katerina Mrazova," added Pancak.


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